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Making Dreams Come True

2021 heralds our 32nd year of providing bespoke Hospitality in the Island of Jersey, although my family have been wine and olive producers for over two centuries (and still are in the old country!) I have steered my business with the same principles and ethics passed down to me from my elders and are the same values and standards we encourage in our younger family members and staff.  This is most evident in all our retail Coffee Shops and Hospitality Venues. Whether it be a Magical Wedding, Summer Ball, or a even an in-house Catering Service with Stewardship of your Club or Association, Jersey Prestige will deliver your dream. Let me introduce you to my team; you will find they are entirely customer and quality focused and fun to work with. 

Major Mario Pirozzolo TD
Founder and Managing Director

Turning a Vision into Reality

Customers often paint a picture in my my mind of the type of event that will meet their expectations.  My job is to transform these ideas, perhaps align them with some of our own creative touches and deliver an experience that in fact exceed expectations. 

Dolores Pirozzolo
Co-Founder & Creative Director

A Perfectionist on Every Detail 

Quality in tourism-related services such as ours, are about balancing customer perceptions and expectations. Successful service providers are able to meet and, whenever possible, exceed customer expectations. This is how we provide memorable experiences to our visitors and locals alike. In particular the ‘face-to-face’ interaction with the customer, plays a fundamental role in everything we do and aligns with the quality of our product where we showcase fresh local ingredients in the best possible light of creativity. 

Victoria Pirozzolo
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